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Cost effective quick assessments based on in-house review of business plans and other documents, with supporting interviews. Analysis and recommendations are provided in a brief memo and teleconference. We provide cost-effective bulk business plan screening on a retainer or volume basis.

Domain Check

Complete evaluation on a specific issue or domain area, such as regulatory, operations, budget or IP using in-house and, when required, on-site reviews. Thorough analysis and recommendations are provided with supporting information.

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Fast Comprehensive

General evaluation of all major areas based on a combination of in-house and on-site document reviews, interviews and targeted fact-checking and assumption verification. This fixed-price package is perfect when complete due diligence is not required.


A thorough examination of all or selected set of issues based on in-house and on-site reviews with complete fact checking and assumption verification. We provide extensive reports and follow-up support. This package is designed for large investments and alliances where full assurance is needed.


We offer substantial discounts and priority turnaround services to our retainer clients. We also provide direct access to our due diligence experts, tools and training. This is the right package if you regularly need due diligence services.

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